Reviews From Our Customers

“Langalam has exceeded all expectation, delivering as promised. The services they provided us with have in a short space of time had a foundational impact on the Tiyas King brand achieving it's vision statement.”

- Tiyas King (multi-award winner) 2016

“I was privileged to work with Langalam and the service(customer service and delivery) was unbelievable. Its difficult to find a platform that would totally shoulder the responsibility of your materials as an artiste but all I needed to do was go to sleep and let them handle my promotion and since then it's been the best service till date. Thanks guys!!!!” - Mista Maestro, Nigeria 2016

“'Dreams turned into reality' is all I can say! Langalam.com has, in one move, moved a movement which has been toiling hard but in global oblivion. In short, Langalam.com has been, to some of us, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and guess what: we will do everything to remain LIT henceforth! Forever!” - @FlameboyUniverse, 2016

“Its a great platform for locals. It plays a major role in making sure that our music and stories are not only shared amongst us but with an international audience aswel. The service is onpoint. What ever enquiries you put forward are dealt with in due time. Coming to the giving of royalties so far so good.” - Lyrikal Busta, Swaziland, 2016

"Finally, Swazi artists are now able to compete on international platforms thanks to opportunities that will be unlocked by Langalam.com. The world will surely be amazed by the talent that Swazis exude, which in itself is a result of a concerted development process that's been ongoing for a decade. Langalam.com, therefore, has enabled them to self actualise, and well; the future is green." - @djtizalami, SBIS radio, 2016