Langalam Services

Langalam’s mainstream service goals are to provide you with:

World Class Online Music distribution services to over 250 stores and digital services worldwide, like iTunes, Spotify, Groove, Google Play and many more. you can now launch your music career to the next level, by getting exposure like never before,

You can have your tracks streamed and downloaded by a global audience

You keep 100% of your songwriting and music rights, and we provide extra services listed below to help

You keep 90% of royalty fees earned: that’s all the revenue earned from each download, each streamed playback across all the stores and platforms!

Get the maximum flexibility from your account with us: Getting regular Trend Reports, updates and options to manage your account so you can manage your music career through our easy to use and accessible platform.

Create Vevo Channel: Have your own channel on one of the most popular video streaming channels online, on You can now achieve ground breaking results and gain worldwide recognition by having your music and videos played from your own channel on Vevo. Our experts at Langalam will help you launch your media through this service.


Facebook Business/ Artist Page Registration: Further your reach and recognition options by having your very own Facebook Recognition page. Additionally to normal services and page creation, work with our experts to get the maximum reach and visual impact, linked with your other social media channels.


UPC’s and ISRC Registration: Each song you send us, is assigned with its own UPC and ISRC. This ensures that you can track and keep updated to its progress and status online and it is well databased and catalogued.

Professional Audio Mastering Services: After a purchase, you can choose the specialised services of our expert sound engineers to tune up the quality of your tracks. Get them professionally mastered and ready to Industry Standard.

Start Your Own Label: Choose your own record label name for all of your released and registered music. Your identity will be updated as per your label name to your profile and assigned to your tracks. Our artists can now represent themselves with a more professional outlook and get their material recognised through their own brand and identity...

Charts Registration: Free of charge, Langalam registers you with the official popular charts of your specific region, so that you can broaden your musical carreer and identity, and gain popularity locally and internationally.

harts reg

Free Trend Reports and Stats: You can easily access your sales information which is updated periodically, usually on a bi-weekly basis. All the sales and track progreses are displayed in easy to understand charts and infographics. You can also download the data to store and analyse offline.

free trands